What is Deals R Us?
Simple Answer: A Primer New & Used Retailer
Not so simple answer:
Deals R Us was founded in 1997 by a local couple seeking to achieve the "American Dream". Early on, Deals R Us was intended to be a consignment/resale store specializing in baby items. However, that quickly changed as it evolved to include home furnishings as well.

Flash forward 20 years to today and we have become a primer new and used retailer, specializing in furniture. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!

Below is a sample list of some of the items we carry: 
·         Household furniture
·         Baby Equipment and Clothing
·         Toys
·         Jewelry
·         Video Games & Electronics
·         Appliances
·         Clothing & MORE! 

Additional services:
·         Custom Order Upholstered Furniture
·         Delivery Service available for a fee

Stop by today! 
Together we will build the room you want for less!